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We are so happy that you have taken the time to visit our blog in hopes of finding a loving home for your little baby. We realize that this is a very difficult decision that will forever affect your life as well as the life of many others. We admire your strength and courage in taking the steps to providing a promising future to the sweet spirit you are bringing to earth. We hope that by reading our blog, you will be able to get to know us, and you will feel comforted in knowing that your decision will be providing this little angel a life full of happiness, encouragement, strength, faith, and most of all…LOVE!

We have been happily married since June 2007. Ever since that day, we have been eager to start a family of our own. Just before our 1 year anniversary, we found out that we were going to have a baby! We were SO excited and felt like we were definitely ready to be parents. Unfortunately, the excitement didn’t last long. I miscarried 9 weeks into the pregnancy. It was a very difficult time, but we had faith and hope that we would soon be blessed with another opportunity to start the family we had always dreamed of. Unfortunately, nearly 7 yrs later, we are still hoping for a child of our own. It has been very challenging for us emotionally but we know that we couldn’t have endured this long without the strength and love of our Savior Jesus Christ. We have felt his love and have received so many blessings. These years have given us the time to realize who we really are. We have been able to strengthen our marriage, strengthen our testimonies of Jesus Christ, and have been able to truly prepare ourselves the best we can to be great parents. We have realized that we may never physically be able to bear children of our own, and that is ok! We are so excited for the blessings of adoption and so look forward to the chance to become a mom and dad. We also look forward to meeting you and for developing a lasting friendship. If you would like to contact us, please leave a comment on any of our posts, find us on facebook- Kent and Amy's Adoption Page, or email us at a.frost4@gmail.com. Thank you again for considering us, and we hope to hear from you soon!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Dentistry and Construction

I work in the dental field and Kent works in construction. Even when we are not at work, we still find ourselves "working". Yesterday I was able to volunteer at an event called Compassion Queen Creek and Kent did some construction work for the Arizona FFA.

At Compassion Queen Creek, they set up work stations at a school in Queen Creek and we performed dental procedures on families in need. It was a great experience! This is me and Dr. Scott Harris to an extraction.

These are all the wonderful helpers from all over the phoenix area. They included dentists, hygienists, assistants, and front office specialists.

The Arizona FFA purchased a home to be used whenever there are FFA events going on the area. The director of the Arizona FFA was Kent's leader in scouts many years ago but they are good friends and keep in touch. He asked Kent to build a dividing wall to separate one of the garages from the other two. This is what Kent built yesterday.

After they were finished with the wall, he asked Kent to come help him hang a barn door he ordered for the bathroom in his home. It's a pretty cool door if you ask me! It slides open and closed.

Family Dinner at Our House!

So it has been way too long since I have posted a new blog. I have a few things to post about, so I will just be posting it all today! A couple Sundays ago, Kent and I had Sunday dinner at our house. We usually go over to Kent's parents house, but we thought it would be nice to give them a little break =). We ate a delicious pulled pork sandwich dinner, and then spent the rest of the night playing ladder ball and throwing the frisbee.

Raianne (Kent's sister in purple shirt), Mike (Raianne's husband in green shirt), Alyssa ( sister-in-law who was really anxious to take a bite of her food), Trevor (Kent's brother with the hat), Mack and Andelin (Trevor and Alyssa's son and daughter)

Kent and his mom, Shelley, playing ladder ball.

McKele, Kent's sister, holding the tortuous they randomly found hanging out in their back yard. They brought it over for Mack and Andelin to play with.

 Me and Kent, playing against Trevor and Kevin (McKele's husband). Kent and I dominated!!

The same weekend, my sister and her kids stayed at our house. This is Mason and Kent playing ladder ball. Melanie wanted to join in the fun!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Birthday Party and Baby Shower

Yesterday was a pretty fun and eventful day! It was my mom's birthday so we all went to Red Lobster for lunch. Then we drove out to North Scottsdale for Kent's sister's baby shower. We spent the rest of the day out there with Kent's family.

My parents live in Thatcher, AZ with 2 of my sisters and my brother, but they were passing through town on their way to spend the week in San Diego with my sister Emily and her family. It just so happened that ALL of my siblings were in town, so everyone was there with their families! The only ones missing were my brother's kids and his wife. But everyone else was able to be there. It was really nice having everyone together! Yes, everyone in the picture is part of my family. There are a few you can't see because they are hidden by tables and other people's heads, and there are 3 that weren't able to make it.

Kent is always playing around and tickling the nieces and nephews. They love Uncle Kent!

My mom, Kent, Allie, and Lydie

Brooklee, Allie, and Me

Me and Kent's sister, Raianne. This is Raianne and Mike's first baby and it is going to be a girl! We are all so excited for them! I was the one selected to write down everyone's names and the gift that they brought.

Left to right: Shelley (Kent's mom), me, Raianne, McKele (Kent's sisters), and Alyssa (sister in law married to Kent's brother)

While we were at the baby shower, Kent and all the guys went to help paint Raianne and Mike's house. They have been remodeling for awhile and they are trying to get everything done before the baby comes! So we all went to their house after the baby shower. This is Alyssa and her two kids, Andelin and Mack. They were taking turns climbing the ladder.

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Phoenix Suns Game!

Saturday I got a text from my sister, Julie, saying her husband got $10 tickets to the Phoenix Suns game that night and asked if we wanted to go. Of course, we said yes! On our way to the game that night Kevin tells us that because he is a student at ASU he always gets a text the day of the game, offering $5-10 tickets. The quicker you respond and buy your tickets, the better the seat is. They will then send you another text with your ticket and seat number. He then proceeds to tell us that he didn't respond until 2 hrs after the initial text, and he hadn't received a text back with the tickets. He had already paid for the tickets so we knew we would get in, we just didn't know where we would be sitting. So we get to the game and they tell us the game is sold out so all students that responded to the text, get to watch the game in this lounge near the top of the building. So we go up there to check it out, and its a large room with lots of couches and tv's to watch the game on. So we drove all the way to Phoenix and paid $40 to watch the game on a small tv surrounded by strangers. That was not really what we had expected for the game. However, we tried to make the best of the situation.

This is Julie and I (Kevin in the background) sitting on the couches trying to watch the game on a tiny, blurry tv.

Kent and I trying to peek over the edge to see a little bit of the "real" game. We unfortunately couldn't see much.

 During the 2nd quarter, two seats opened up so we quickly snatched them up. I tried sitting there and looking over but even when I stood up, I could only see half of the court, so I gave my seat to Kevin. So Kent and Kevin sat there for awhile straining to watch the game =)

By the 3rd quarter, the Suns were being beat by more than double their score. We were already annoyed that we had to sit in the lounge and couldn't see the game, so we decided to just leave early and get something to eat. On our way to find food, we saw these beauties! This was the valet parking at the game. Wouldn't it be nice own one of those? Ya, I thought so too.

Walking in downtown Phoenix trying to find a place to eat. I'm surprised Kevin was even smiling in this picture because he was pretty upset about the whole lounge thing, and the Suns getting slaughtered =)

We decided to eat at this place called Pizza Studio. You go down the line and choose what crust you want, and can put any topping on the pizza that you want. They cook it right then and you have your pizza in 5 minutes. Such a great idea!

All of us eating our pizza!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015


This weekend we were supposed to go to California with some friends but unfortunately it didn't work. We had already taken Friday off of work, so we decided to get some things done around the house and then go on a picnic! The weather has been so great lately so we decided to take advantage of it.

We started off the morning with some delicious french toast that Kent cooked up for us. Kent enjoys cooking and he is really good at it too! I sure am lucky to have him!

On our way to Freestone park!

We went to Sprouts and ordered sandwiches from their deli. 

It was so peaceful at the park. Since it was a Friday, there weren't a ton of people which was really nice.

After we ate, we decided to go throw a softball and then a frisbee. It was fun trying to get these action shots. We had to take the picture really fast so we could put the phone down and catch the ball before it hit us.